Cold World/War Hungry Split Repress

Just picked this up from Deathwish. The first Cold World track is pretty much what you would expect (or already know of, considering this is a repress) however the dual vocals in the track’s bridge are catchy as hell, and the hip-hop outro is standard Cold World. The second track is heavy on the clean vocals similar to what are featured on Dedicated, and the trem riff to hip-hop outro is a clean transition from agressive to relaxed. 

War Hungry’s tracks on this split are impressive. The riffage and vocal stylings remind me a lot of early Integrity. The bridge in the first track is in 3/4 timing, somewhat groovy, and punishing. Followed immediately by a solo and then the familiar riffage. The track hits hard and leaves you gasping for air. Track two is similar to the first, generic hardcore timing that any fan of heavy music would come to expect, but the bridge is extremely close to an Integrity riff, and I like that. The track ends with a piano/mid career sabbath-style outro.


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